These classes are ideal for school-age children to enjoy some fun physical exercise after a day in the classroom. All classes concentrate on technique and skills in the water, through fun, floatation and skills practice and games. Small classes mean we can offer more individual attention to your child.

Beginner and Upper Beginner classes have no more than four children with one teacher, or up to six children with one teacher and a helper. Teachers and helpers are in the water with the children at all times. 

Improvers classes are for children who are able to swim confidently on front and back and teacher is poolside. There is a maximum of six children in the class 

Lane swimming is for children who have completed Stage 3 and Water Skills 2, or have a basic understanding of back crawl, front crawl with breathing, breaststroke legs and dolphin leg kick.  Here they continue to learn technique and improve stamina. 

Personal Survival Awards can be completed when swimmers reach stage 5/6.

What to bring

  • Swimming costume (boys trunks to be above the knee)

  • Towel

  • Swimming cap

  • Googles (once Stage 2 has been achieved)

LOCATION: Barfield School
TIME: 6.00pm  (up to Stage 3)
TIME: 6.30pm & 7.00pm (lane swimming)

LOCATION: Barfield School
TIME: 6.00pm (up to Stage 3)
TIME: 6.30pm and 7.00pm (lane swimming)

LOCATION: Barfield School
TIME: 4.30pm - 5.30pm, (up to Stage 3),
TIME: 6.00pm and 6.30pm (lane swimming)
TIME: 7.00pm (45 min swim and Club)

LOCATION: Barfield School
TIME: 6.00pm (up to Stage 3)
TIME: 6.30pm (lane swimming)

LOCATION: Lord Wandsworth College
TIME: 10:00am and 10.30am (Stage 2 – Stage 5)
TIME: 11:00am - 11:45 (45min swim + Club)

Term Dates | Learn To Swim Stages

PLEASE NOTE: The following dates will have no lessons: